My Best Compositions



My own opinion – (put in order on ground of opus number, not superiority)


op. 9, Solo Cello Sonata – cello

  • Varpu Haavisto, cello

op. 27a, Suite from Ballet The Flood, (collected 1995) – piano

  • Päivi Papunen, piano

op. 33, Violin Concerto No: 2 – violin (soloist), chamber ensemble, women’s choir, percusions

    1. Allegro moderato – March
    2. Andante
    3. Presto-Andante-Presto
  • Merja Järvilehto, violin (soloist), Juha Törmä, conductor, Merja Eskelinen, flute, Sami Kosola, clarinet, Marjo Saarinen, horn, Tarmo Järvilehto, piano, Sympaatti Women’s Choir, chorus master: Pekka Nikula, Percussion Students of Tampere Concervatory, percussions

op. 55, Psalm 67 – soprano, violin, cello

  • Anne Wisser, soprano, Kirsi Volmonen, violin, Eila Rantanen, cello

op. 63, Holocaust-Lamentations – reader, chamber ensemble, 8 women’s voices, (include: 2 solo parts)

    1. Initial Prayer: ”In Memorian”
    2. Lamentation 1.
    3. Lamentation 2., attacca
    4. Lamentation 3.
    5. Lamentation 4.
    6. Introduction 1. and Lamentation 5.
    7. Introduction 2. and Conclusion Prayer: ”The Lord, have Mercy on Us”
    8. Finale Music: The Ray of Hope
  • Reijo Vähälä, reader, Eero Järvilehto, musical saw, tambourin, conductor, Karoliina Korpela, flute, Nyyti Komulainen, clarinet, Elina Kinanen, violin I, Marjo Apajasalo, violin II, Kirsi Volmonen, viola, Juha Ahonen, cello, Kirsi Volmonen, prepared guitar, Ilkka Vanhamaa, piano, Pirjo Aunesluoma, soloist voice I, Sanna Vähälä, solois voice II, group of voices: Pirjo Aunesluoma, Sanna Vähälä, Kirsi Volmonen, Marjo Apajasalo, Sari Pulli, Marjaana Sulin, Merikki Hauvonen

op. 67, Birdie’s Lullaby, (arrangement 1995) – small orchestra

  • DEMO

op. 72, Tones of The Comfort – 24 Wordless Songs – celesta

  • DEMO

op. 86, The Wedding Trio – alto saxophone, cello, piano

  •  Jutta Jelys, alto saxophone, Varpu Haavisto, cello, Tarmo Järvilehto, piano

op. 88a, Film Music Suite, (collected 2004) – soprano*, orchestra – (collected from: op. 45, op. 74)

  • Pirjo Aunesluoma, soprano (soloist)*, Maria Brummer, cello (soloist), Eero Järvilehto, alto flute (soloist), Orchestra Valkotakit, (White Dresses), Tommi Raij, conductor

op. 90, The Wind in The Willows – imitations of birds voices, musical saw

  • Eero Järvilehto, imitations of birds voices, musical saw

op. 93, The Little Angel – Suite – little anklung (8 voices-klockspel for children in C-dur)

  •  Eero Järvilehto, little anklung

op. 109, Piece for String Quartet No: 3 – Lullaby of The Little Angel – violin, violin, viola, cello

  •  The Protheus String Quartet, from Italy

op. 119, Concert Piece – flute, violin, piano

  •  Not recorded

op. 122, Little Passacaglia – viola da gamba

op. 125, Violin Concerto No: 3 – violin, orchestra

  •  Not recorded

op. 126, Poem-Cantata: My Love Confession – reader, flute, alto flute, piano, celesta, percussions

  • Reijo Vähälä, reader, Eero Järvilehto, flute, alto flute, percussions, Ilkka Vanhamaa, piano, celesta (with syntetic piano)

op. 126a, Song of Songs – Suite, (collected 2013) – piano

  •  Ilkka Vanhamaa, piano

op. 129, Piano Sonata No: 1 – piano

  • Ilkka Vanhamaa, piano

op. 133, Prayers for The Broken Ones – Interludes for My Poems – reader, flute, piano

  • Reijo Vähälä, reader, Eero Järvilehto, flute, Ilkka Vanhamaa, piano

op. 134, I Cry with Those who Cry – Comfort Melodies for The Close Ones who have Killed Themselves – reader, celesta, houstese’s bell, little bells, aeolian harp, percussions, musical saw

  • Reijo Vähälä, reader, triangle, Ilkka Vanhamaa, celesta (with syntetic piano), Eero Järvilehto, musical saw, bells and percussions

op. 139, Journey songs of the broken one – reader, celesta

  • Not recorded

op. 139a, Introduction and Two Stars – celesta

  • Not recorded


I am sorry, but the quality of voice of some recordings is poorer than that of the original que to copying a copy.