op. 13, Violin Concerto No: 1 – violin (soloist), 13 violin’s string orchestra

  • DEMO

op. 33, Violin Concerto No: 2 – violin (soloist), chamber ensemble, women’s choir, percusions

    1. Allegro moderato – March
    2. Andante
    3. Presto-Andante-Presto
  • Merja Järvilehto, violin (soloist), Juha Törmä, conductor, Merja Eskelinen, flute, Sami Kosola, clarinet, Marjo Saarinen, horn, Tarmo Järvilehto, piano, Sympaatti Women’s Choir, chorus master: Pekka Nikula, Percussion Students of Tampere Concervatory, percussions

op. 33a, Violin Concerto No: 2, (version 1994) – violin (soloist), chamber ensemble, women’s choir, percussions – (unfinished)

  • Not recorded

op. 47, Alto Flute Concerto (No: 1) – alto flute (soloist), women’s voices, organ, percussions

  • Eero Järvilehto, alto flute (soloist)/ conductor, Heikki Havi, organ, Jussi Willgrén, percussions, Group of Sympaatti Women’s Choir

op. 50, Alto Flute Concerto No: 2 – alto flute (soloist), 13 flutes

  • Not recorded

op. 56, Musical Saw Concerto – musical saw (soloist), string orchestra

  • DEMO, (= played on synthetic piano by Eero Järvilehto, with Eero Järvilehto, musical saw)

op. 56a, Musical Saw Concerto, (or Flute Concerto), (version 2010) – musical saw (soloist), (or flute (soloist)), string orchestra

  • Not recorded

op. 95, Before Death – The Collection Work about My Unfinished Works, (collected 2004/2014) – variant solos and ensembles

  • Not recorded – (part 5. Piano Concerto No: 1, op. 51, part 3. Romance, Larghetto, for piano, I violins, II violins, violas, cellos and double basses)

op. 108, Concerto Trio – Arrangement from Violin Concerto No: 2, op. 33 – violin, flute, piano – (unfinished)

  • Not recorded

op. 111, Cello Concerto No: 1 – cello, orchestra – (unfinished)

  • Not recorded

op. 125, Violin Concerto No: 3 – violin, orchestra

  •  Not recorded


I am sorry, but the quality of voice of some recordings is poorer than that of the original que to copying a copy.