Texts of Our Piece, op. 100



  • composed by Eero Järvilehto
  • words: From the Journey to Indian 2003, vendors’ words



Osa 1.

  • – instrumental




Osa 2.


Shouts of Indian vendors:

Helo! Helo!

Sheap Price, Look!

Sheap Price!

Helo! Helo!

What’s Your Last Price!

With the gentle voice of a little Indian vendor girl:

Don’t Break This Girl’s Little Heart.



Texts are included in My composition:

  • op. 100, Our Piece – for 3 performer: 2 reader, musical saw, maraca, aeolian harp, little bells, little anklung (8 voices-klockspel for children c-dur), Indian bongo drums, nepalese (Indian) flute, altoflute and guitar