op. 74

Musiikkia epäonnistuneeseen elokuvaprojektiin Bodomjärven painajainen, sopraanolle*, solisteille ja orkesterille, op. 74

Music for The Failed Film Project The Nightmare of The Bodom Lake, for soprano*, soloists and orchestra, op. 74

  1. Overture: In The Gloom of Dawn
  2. Seller of Kiosk
  3. Arrival to The Camping Place, (alto flute-solo)
  4. (Scene on The Beach) and By The Evening Campfire, (alto saxophone duo)**
  5. Lullaby of The Death, (soprano-solo, vocalise)*
  6. Murder Scene, (1st. version)
  7. Murder Scene, (2nd. version)
  8. 12. Finale: Farewell, (cello-solo)
  • Parts 8.-11. Effects 1.-4. – (Not recorded!)

Pirjo Aunesluoma, soprano (soloist)*, Eero Järvilehto, alto flute (soloist), timpani (part 12.), Maria Brummer, cello (soloist), Aarre Joutsenvirta, Selja Raudas, alto saxophones (**duo), Satu Väkeväinen, (**kannel), Orchestra Valkotakit, (White Dresses), Tommi Raij, conductor, (parts 1.-7., 12.), (only in home archive of Tommi Raij)
Not recorded! – (Effects-part I-IV, as parts 8.-11. and **part 4. uncomplete)