op. 84

Psalmeja ystäville, sooloja huilulle, alttohuilulle ja sahalle, op. 84

Psalms to Friends, solos for flute,, alto flute and musical saw, op. 84

  1. Psalm 139, David’s hymn, God is Omniscient and Omnipresent, for solo alto flute (or flute)
  2. Psalm 23, David’s hymn, The Lord is the Good Shepherd, (Consolation), for solo alto flute (or flute)
  3. Psalm 133, David’s hymn, A Song of Ascent, The Blessing of Brotherly Concord, Subtitle: March, for solo flute
  4. Psalm 15, David’s hymn, Who may be United with the Lord, for musical saw
  5. Psalm 45, A Psalm of the Korahites, A Song about Love, Like Lilies, A Song of Praise in Honour of the King and his Fiancée, for solo alto flute
  6. Psalm 70, David’s hymn, A Cry for Help Against Enemies, for solo flute

Eero Järvilehto, flute, alto flute, musical saw